Are you a frustrated screenwriter?  Have you written what you believe is a great screenplay but can’t find a production company to give you the time of day?  Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t I find a film company to at least read my script and tell me if it’s any good or not?”  Maybe you just want to get a professional opinion before you pitch your script to studios.

Well, look no further!  Here at On Cue Studio, we understand your frustration and we want to help.  Our screenwriters have also run into the same frustration you are facing, so we decided to do something about it.  We offer you the opportunity to send us your Feature film, Short film or Television script for us to review. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to find the pricing that matches the number of pages you are sending.
  2. Pay via PayPal.
  3. Email your script to our team.
  4. We will have one of our professional readers read it and grade it in multiple areas of screenwriting.
  5. We will then send you your grade along with our comments and suggestions on improving it and making it market ready.

You can then decide what you would like to do next.  You can do a rewrite, incorporating the things we mentioned in our comments and suggestions, or you can do nothing.  You could send it back to us again, after making your changes, and we will grade it again until you are happy with it.  Your goal should be to have a polished, tight, and market ready script. We might even offer to buy it from you or, with your permission, pitch it to other production companies. If we decide to buy it from you, we will offer you a contractual agreement with a set amount that we would pay you to secure the rights to it.  

Individual areas graded are:

  • Concept
  • Story and Plot
  • Action
  • Structure
  • Pacing
  • Character Development
  • Conflict
  • Dialogue
  • Writing Skills

Grades given are:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

We will also send you a rating on the Pass, Consider, or Recommend scale.  This will tell you if we decide to Pass on it or if we are Considering securing the rights to it or if we will be asking your permission to Recommend it to other film companies.

We have a round table of professional readers consisting of veteran screenwriters who have many years’ experience in the industry.  They know what the studios are looking for and have the eagle eye to spot what your script needs.

For the security of your script, every one of our professional readers understands and has signed a comprehensive non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.  You can rest assured that your content and communications with our company will not be shared with anyone.

Our normal turn-around time is 10-15 business days for us to give your script the necessary time it takes to read and grade it properly.  A rush service of 5 business days is available for an additional fee.

Pricing (based on script length)

10 Pages or Less
10 Pages or Less
11 to 25 Pages
11 to 25 Pages
26 to 50 Pages
26 to 50 Pages
51 to 75 Pages
51 to 75 Pages
76 to 100 Pages
76 to 100 Pages
101 Pages or More
101 Pages or More

Add “Rush Service” (5 Business Day Turn-around) – $25.00