PRESS RELEASE: March 23rd, 2018

The Option
On Cue Studio in conjunction with DavidHeavenertv is proud to announce their new original series called The Option.  Written by CEO, Doug Stroup and Directed by David Heavener, this series will give the viewer the truth about the controversial debate between pro-life and pro-choice.  Should the young unwed, scared girls believe the lie they are being force fed or should they give life to the unborn baby they are carrying? Is it just a blob of tissue as they have been told, or is it a live, breathing human being?

There is a prevailing mindset among many people today that says abortion is okay. After all, it’s a fetus, just a blob of tissue, and not a human. There are even those that say abortion is okay at any time, for any reason, throughout the entire pregnancy. They say, “It’s the mother’s
choice, so if she thinks she wants to terminate her pregnancy, it’s her body and she can do with it whatever she wants.” However, there are many others who think abortion is wrong for any reason and should never be an option. There is a human life inside the woman’s womb that has a heartbeat, a body, fingers, toes, limbs and fingerprints. It is a human, not a fetus or a blob of tissue, and therefore deserves the right to live.

That is the view of this series of short films. For the young girl or woman who is struggling with who and what to believe, we are producing a series of short films that will show there is another option to abortion. This will not be a film about the argument of right and wrong. It will not be about the debate of when life begins or even about pro-life or pro-choice. It will simply show the viewer that people are blinded to the truth and that there is an option. You do not have to feel forced into abortion or that abortion is your only option. You can choose life! Even if you don’t think you can properly raise the child, you have an option. And that is adoption. Do the right thing and have the child. Then allow one of the hundreds of thousands of young couples out there to have the opportunity to love and raise your child. Give your child the gift of life and family!

This is a message that must be told. In this world of social media and videos, we desire this film series to be a constant, ever-present, powerful message that will help many take a stand for life. There are hundreds of thousands of babies who can have life if only there was more positive information out there available to help the future mom make the right choice before it’s too late.

On Cue Studio is proud to be taking a stand for life!

C. Douglas Stroup – CEO – On Cue Ministries, Inc.