PRESS RELEASE: February 11th, 2015


On Cue Studio is pleased to announce the acquisition of the original screenplay “The Legend of El Duelo” created from the adaptation of an oral tradition that has been passed down through the centuries.  Terry’s short film, optioned by On Cue Studio is being re-worked by Herbert to include multiple distribution options.  We are excited about the filming opportunities of this venture and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Terry.

Herbert wrote his first musical play, Kids’ Venture, in 1989, with lyrics and to seven original songs.  It was produced on audio cassette, and VHS.  Two years later, Herbert wrote a sequel, Kids’ Venture II, with lyrics and the majority of the music.  Herbert preformed his poetry, Shakespeare and storytelling from memory at multiple four and five star resorts and in 2001, on St. Simon’s Island in Georgia, Herbert was given the nickname, the Golden Isles Poet by the Cloister Resort.  He authored a gift edition book celebrating the arts  in “Love Tides and Golden Isles Lore” with 25 color paintings and a 3 CD set on which he narrates his 59 poems, with guitar intro’s by Tim Haynes who has played in bands such as Reba McIntyre, The Grateful Dead, and Neil Young & Harvester.  Herbert was known on radio stations up and down the Southeastern Seaboard as the Golden Isles Poet and conducted historic tours and moonlit carriage rides for couples.

In 2006 Herbert, a playwright of musicals, became an avid student in screenwriting and in 2009 had the opportunity to be mentored by Gary W. Goldstein, Producer for “Pretty Woman”, and other great films. In 2012, Herbert graduated from Screenwriter U.  He adapted a story to screenplay “The System”, which will be shot in South Africa.  Herbert has teamed up with a talented screenwriter in England on a feature called “Henry, Fifth Dimension,” and a contractor who works for NASA to create a time travel story which is a few weeks from being completed.  Herbert is currently receiving interest on all of his scripts, including his latest musical, “The Tunnel”, to be performed on stage in April.

Herbert lives in St. Augustine, Florida and has 2 sons.

C. Douglas Stroup – CEO – On Cue Studio