Hiring dates to be announced

All internships are for individuals who are currently enrolled in a degreed or technical program and possess the needed skill sets desired by the company for future positional consideration.   The successful intern will be placed on the top of the hiring list for future positions.

On Cue Studio is open for the right candidates for internship, the ability to do work from home, in addition to on location work.  Office time will also be required.

Graphic Artist / Illustrator:

This Intern will be creating visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.  They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

Computer Animation:  

By expanding your abilities as an artist and learning the latest tools, applications, and design theory used to create 3D content for different media, you’ll not only be able to take your art in new directions, but also put your skills to work in real world applications – and sometimes even improving – the creative vision of others.

Media liaison: 

Skilled communicators are needed within every industry and especially within the world of entertainment and media.  Communications professionals can wear many hats from reporting the news, to writing marketing plans, to managing creative projects, but their common thread is a deep understanding of how to interpret, craft, and relay messages for different audiences.

With the emergence of the Internet and social media, communication professionals can distribute messages and reach audiences on a faster and more personal level.  Understanding and embracing these innovations is central to On Cue’s success story.  This Intern will work hand in hand with upper management.

Requirements for position

*All candidates will give On Cue Studio written approval to complete extensive background verification to include criminal, drug, credit, educational, psychological & social media review prior to any offer being made.  All candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss any information; of their own choosing at the interview process, which may arise during this background process.  These items may be attached in detail on a word document and submitted with your resume and supporting documentation.  Failure to disclose any information of a criminal record, business license revocation, current drug use, or bankruptcy will immediately remove you from consideration.  However these items may not exclude you from consideration and will be handled on an individual bases. Candidate must provide all requirements for position to be considered, please read carefully.